Product Manager Growth, Kyiv

As the Principal PM focused on Growth, you'll play a key role in defining Squro's medium and long term success.
This role is a very visible leadership position and has the potential to continue to accelerate our revenue trajectory from best in class to class defining.
You'll be a key member of the Product leadership team, and will work with other leaders across Engineering, Marketing, Sales, Analytics. You'll also work directly with exec team members on key company priorities and projects.
This is both a creative and analytical role. You'll have the opportunity to take our data and insights, and turn that into better and better ways for us to acquire new customers, engage those customers, and deepen and broaden their usage of Squro.

  • Your job is to drive our growth numbers, and drive changes in product, marketing and elsewhere that fuel that growth.
  • Your focus will be on driving our growth numbers throughout our self serve channel, including but not limited to customer activation and growth, revenue growth, customer retention.
  • You will think about the end to end customer journey, thinking across product and marketing to ensure our customers experience is a compelling, coherent, and consistent one.
  • Whilst the role is focused on our self serve channel, you won't stop there. You will collaborate deeply with our Sales team, to ensure we have joined up thinking across the company, and that there is a seamless transition for customers who move from the self serve to sales channel and vice versa.
  • As part of the Product team, you will partner with key stakeholders in Marketing, Sales, and Engineering to identify the biggest opportunities for growth. You will work with them to turn ideas into projects and lead or guide those projects to successful outcomes. This might include things like our pricing, packaging, positioning, purchase experience, and initial and ongoing customer onboarding.
  • You will work with our product teams to help them create their roadmaps, helping them think about creative opportunities to drive growth.
  • You'll work with product teams to advise them on executing their roadmaps, from product decisions, scoping decisions, design and engineering decisions.
  • You will work with the leadership team of the company, helping them understand the latest growth numbers and trends, advising on what we need to do. This will include leading discussions, engaging in debate, driving an opinionated group to reach a conclusion.
  • This role is a Principal role, and therefore does not include line management. You will be part of a small, very senior Principal team that work as experts on top company priorities.
  • You will work on hard, challenging and complex problems that exist in a very fast paced, ever-changing, dynamic environment.
  • You will use your deep domain knowledge and experience to advise others on what to do, people across the company will look to you as our expert, and you, therefore, love teaching, guiding and coaching others.

  • 5+ years of experience working in product teams with a strong track record of shipping high-quality software. You can point to the product you've helped ship over this time and explain how and why it did or did not succeed.
  • 3+ years experience working in Product teams that directly drive business growth, likely as a Principal PM, Senior PM or PM leader. This might include things like leading growth-oriented product teams, or leading growth product groups. You can point to product you helped ship, and product you led, and how it directly drove business growth.
  • You likely have managed PM teams but would prefer to get back closer to the product work itself.
  • Deep understanding of how fintech businesses work, the levers that exist to grow that business, and metrics.
  • You have worked in companies that have both a self serve and sales motion, and have experience thinking about different customer journeys through both channels.
  • You're very comfortable analyzing business dashboards, you've likely run your own SQL queries in the past to get a deeper understanding of the numbers you're looking at.
  • You're deeply passionate about business growth, and love getting into the details and mechanics of how businesses grow.
  • You've got an excellent track record of driving short term growth, but you think as much about the medium and long term. You don't sacrifice the long term for short term gains. You're more likely to read articles by Warren Buffett than articles about 'short term growth hacking'.
  • You're passionate about the latest ideas, patterns, and trends when it comes to new ways to grow an internet business. You love to consume, digest and share the latest with your colleagues, adding your own commentary and insights on top.
  • You're an excellent leader, very confident and competent at leading people and teams, in groups and individually. You've excellent communication skills in any medium.
  • You're not only very comfortable working in an ambiguous ever-changing environment, you thrive in it.
  • Ability to effect change. There are many things that we still need to evolve and improve how we work, and this role will be a key part in driving that change.
  • A growth mindset. Willingness to own problems. Comfort with ambiguity. A passion for building products. A desire to make things better. A sense of optimism.
  • Ability to communicate (written and verbally) with precision, clarity, honesty, and respect.

We offer:
  • Interesting and challenging tasks with our own product
  • Friendly working environment
  • Flexible schedule
  • Possibility of personal and professional growth
  • Cozy office in the city center (1 minute from Pecherskaya metro station)
  • Competitive salary and meaningful equity